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Travel, food, and drinks storytelling

On July 2009, Mondo Dinner began as an experiment, a sort of food journal to visually register our dinners. Through our daily Home Cooking Journal we celebrated food and the beauty behind cooking together, everyday for 3 years. That part of our website has been archived and with that experience now we are focusing on content creation and video & photography storytelling. We are traveling more often and for longer time to capture our travel experiences and share them with you.

During the last 15 years, we have developed brands, art direct for print, web and photography/video and manage and produce effective and compelling brand communications.

Mondo dinner was founded and developed by Claudia Sandoval and Alfonso Nieto. The partners also are part of Altiro Studio, a Brooklyn design company.

Claudia is the founder and creative director at  Artplugsdesign.
Alfonso is the founder and creative director at Alfonso Nieto design and production.

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